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Audience: Anyone whose role is focused on maintaining relationships and expanding business in existing accounts.

In this course you will: 


  • Begin by setting up InsideView so that you’ll be ready to maximize your use of our market intelligence right away.
  • Learn how to use each step of the InsideView for Sales Workflow for your Account Manager role.   
  • Manage your Agents and set up your Connections.
  • Configure Alert settings that match your needs.
  • Use InsideView to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers.
  • Use social media to improve sales results.
  • Use Standard, Enterprise, and Custom Agents to stay current about company events that may be a sales trigger or a potential risk.
  • Set up a Watchlist to monitor companies and people over time.
  • Use a Watchlist to build a People List that specifies job function and job level of your likely buyer within an organization.
  • Use InsideView’s Connections to find referrals and conversation starters.

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