Frequently Asked Questions about InsideView Learning 

I missed the private workshop for my company. What should I do?

InsideView now has e-learning available through our Insider University site.  The content of our core e-learning courses is comparable to what you would get were you to attend one of our instructor-led workshops for InsideView for Sales. Access is free to InsideView customers and partners. If you don't yet have an account on Insider University, contact the Insider University team and we'll get you set up right away. You can also browse our Knowledge Base for feature overviews, how-to articles, best practices tips and troubleshooting information.

Do you deliver workshops onsite?

If you would like a live, instructor-led session delivered onsite in the San Francisco Bay area, let us know.  We may be able to accommodate you, depending on distance, group size and instructor availability. Onsite training can also be made available in other geographic locations, but additional costs may apply. 

Do you offer customized training?

Our instructors are adept at tailoring content to the needs of the group during a session. This includes using examples from your industry or customer-base, and spending more time on topics of particular interest. If we know in advance what topics apply best to your users we can do an even better job of tailoring the sessions. So feel free to contact your instructor prior to a private session to discuss how to make the training time most valuable to your team.  

What’s the difference between Insider University, InsideView Learning Center and InsideView Knowledge Base?

Insider University hosts our Foundation Courses and other formal learning programs. Unlike the other two sites, you need an account and password to see this content. To log in to Insider University, go to university.insideview.com


When you complete a course in Insider University, whether it’s attending an instructor-led session or taking an e-learning course, it is recorded on your transcript (the "Completed" page) so you can impress your boss. InsideView administrators and other key InsideView contacts at your company can request training reports to monitor InsideView adoption initiatives and to make sure that your company is getting the most from the product.


InsideView Learning Center (where you are now) describes the learning programs available for InsideView products. It’s designed to be the main landing page that points to resources available across all InsideView learning sites. On the Learning Center, you will find course descriptions, sample courses, a What’s New page and other general information.  You can easily get to Insider University and the InsideView Knowledge Base from the Learning Center website. The URL for the Learning Center is learning.insideview.com


InsideView Knowledge Base is the most complete source of feature documentation, best practices, and technical content such as installation and troubleshooting as well as other “just in time” resources. Come here when you’re looking for quick “how to” articles or answers to specific questions.  The URL for the Knowledge Base is kb.insideview.com.  

Frequently Asked Questions